Carol almost splits in this episode….and then Daryl’s like ‘I found you’.
Chris Hardwick
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The Walking Dead - S05E02 - Carol & Daryl Water Jug Scene


"I should have been dead several times over. Part of the reason I’m not is because people underestimate me.”

whatever happened, happened

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You saved us, all by yourself.

Daryl to Carol - 5x02 -

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"There’s obviously some kind of chemistry between those two characters [Carol and Daryl] and part of that is that they have a lot in common as far as where they come from and the struggles that they’ve each experienced and tried to overcome and continue to in that post-apocalyptic world and they support one another because they understand that in one another. It’s like, let’s see how many steps forward we can get and if one goes backwards, one’s there to pull them forward again. Keep an eye out for each other in that way." - Melissa McBride, (x)


I just need to forget it


How to seduce a woman who just blew up a camp:

  • accidentally throw a jug of water at her


Caryl in 5.02

You saved us by yourself
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