all I want is nothing more than to hear you knocking at my door


"When the sun comes through your window, I like to believe you’ve been thinking of me." 




Love that they both share the same innuendous, juvenile, and somewhat inappropriate sense of humour :)

She turns this hallway of doom into her own personal Studio 54, dropping moves that would make Deney Terrio proud. Never mind that McBride currently has on her person a knife, brass knuckles, and a massive rifle - the woman just wants to get down!
Entertainment Weekly, 9/5/14 issue, on Melissa McBride dancing to Norman Reedus beatboxing between takes (via fangirl4ever)

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I can tell you that she is very certain with some of her feelings. And she’s got some mixed feelings.
Melissa McBride on Carol’s reunion with Rick, Entertainment Weekly, 9/5/14 issue (via fairiesmasquerade)

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EW: Tell us something about Andrew Lincoln that he doesn’t want us to know… [x]

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Carol “I Don’t Give a Fuck” Peletier


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